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Qmix Supply Company Limited runs business related to ready-mixed concrete which responds to the the diversity of usage requirements from our customers. Our goal is to develop products, service and work procedures to prosper together alongside our customers. We are always developing new innovations to match the neverending changes of society. Qmix Supply Company Limited participates in communal and social development. We have been part of many activities along to sponsoring materials and goods to help support the society. We also have green and white factory principles to ensure that our factories have a great environment and is drug-free.

Qmix Supply Company Limited is ready to provide speedy and excellent service, following our Quality & Quick principle. Not only will customers receive quality products appropriate for each project’s specifications, but our Qmix factories are also located in all regions of Thailand, enabling us to deliver quality ready-mixed concrete within a short amount of time. Our modern manufacturing process in controlled by computer systems and professional engineers who can provide the best solutions to all your specifications.

“We spend all of our effort to guarantee that you
receive the best quality and service”



We are well prepared to provide suitable consultations about concrete to make sure all of your projects are absolutely perfect.


Our team of professionals will appraise the expenses for your entire project.


With our widely covering network, we are able to deliver quickly to sustain the concrete’s quality.


If your large project requires a large quantity of concrete, Qmix provides service in installing a concrete plant with an assigned engineer to strictly control the quality.

Further more information or order ready-mixed concrete Call 02-022-7888

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