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to suit the customer’s purpose No matter what project type or part of work it is, we are more than pleased to provide service to you.

Concrete for general constructions and pumped concrete
Standard concrete for general construction works, houses and commercial buildings. Can be both normally poured and sent through a concrete pump. The concrete compressive strength can be selected from 210 to 450 kg/sq.cm

Water proof concrete
Concrete engineered to be highly water proof to prevent the seeping of moisture. This type of concrete is suitable for water-storing structures or structures that have direct contact with water such as ………. The concrete therefore must be water proof to prevent any structural damages caused by water afterwards.

Concrete Bored Piles
This concrete type has high flowability. The concrete’s texture is segregation-free, resulting in a smooth and seamless texture without holes. This prolongs the usage time span to be longer than general concrete types and lessens pile blockage problems. This concrete is suitable for both small piles with a diameter of 60 cm or lesser and large piles with a diameter greater than 60 cm.

Post tension concrete
The concrete engineered especially for the prestressed concrete system. This concrete type can intensify its compressive strength to over 240 kg./sq.cm within 3 days to pull the sling, and after 28 days can reach the regulated compressive strength.

Q Plus concrete
The specially engineered type of concrete suitable for projects with time limitations and would like to save the manpower in working. This concrete is easily molded into a block, has exceptional flowability (the slump test value is 13 to 23 cm), and excess water is not necessarily filled on site that may lower the concrete’s quality.

Freezing rooms concrete
This concrete type is engineered to prevent any damages caused by freezing and thawing water. We added air-bubble causing agents into the mixture to increase the amount of air bubbles in order to diminish the pressure caused by freezing water, the main cause of damage.

Sulfate resistant concrete
This concrete is engineered for structures exposed to sulphate, alkaline soil and polluted water such as factory floors and wastewater treatment facilities. The concrete mixture contains pozzolan agents and a low ratio of water per binding agents, decreasing the space within the concrete and being water proof. These effectively help prevent the seeping of sulphate solutions.

Marine concrete
This concrete type is specially engineered to prevent chloride in seawater to pass through. Normally, concrete exposed to seawater or sea vapor tends to rust, damaging the structure because of chloride which rusts the reinforced steel. We engineered a concrete mixture that prevents chloride from passing through to cause rust problems.

Fast setting concrete
This concrete is engineered to have high compressive strength since the early stages. This type can be used quickly and is suitable for fixing or projects that need to be completed within a time limit such as projects that must delay traffic, molding compressive strength concrete piles, and so on.

High compressive strength concrete
The concrete that has a compressive rate of over 450 kg./sq.cm onwards. The slump test value can be custom engineered to your usage. This type of concrete is suitable for projects that requires overly high quality, important structures and structures that must support heavy weight such as skyscrapers, pillars, elevator wells and projects that require smaller structures than normal.

Low heat concrete
The concrete type engineered to be poured in huge quantities at once such as dam and barrage. Because pouring concrete in large quantities lead to heat accumulation from hydration reaction and causing thermal cracks, specially engineered low heat concrete should be used whenever a large quantity of concrete is poured. Q-Mix’s concrete manufacturing process is strictly controlled to lessen these problems.

Factory floors concrete
This concrete type is engineered specially for industrial plants. The concrete mixture’s ratio of water per cement is suitably perfect, resulting in durability, scratch resistant and strength throughout the whole thickness of the floor. This concrete is suitable for factory floors exposed to industrial forklift wheels or shocking and intense forces from activities in industrial production plants.

Topping concrete
This concrete formula is suitable for the top layer or general surface leveling that requires a thickness between 4-7 cm. This helps prevent surface cracking or dusty appearing surfaces.

Custom engineered concrete
These concrete types are specially customized engineered to the customer’s preferences and regulations such as for governmental organizations, special structure projects, projects with a specifically requested concrete amount or a specific ratio of water per cement, and so on.

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